Flat-Rate IT Services

Every computer support company offers what they call ‘managed services’. This usually turns out to be some monitoring and a bucket of hours (that never seem to be enough). This type of arrangement does nothing to improve your business or change results.

Why? Because, your provider doesn’t have any skin in the game or incentive to proactively address network issues before they blossom out of control. If things go haywire, they burn through your bucket of hours and get to start charging ‘real money’ for their time!

True Managed Services is the transfer of IT risk from the customer to the provider for a fixed, all-inclusive fee. In this arrangement, the provider is on the hook to fix things but can't come back and demand additional hourly fees.

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Do you see how this shift completely changes the focus of the provider from reactive (charging by the hour) to proactive (charging by the result)?

With a true Managed Services relationship you automatically hold your provider's feet to the fire. No more:

  • Paying to fix the same problem over and over
  • Surprise IT support bills
  • Constant support issues disrupting your business
  • Hours spent pouring over bills to spot incorrect charges

If your business is ready for a different result from your IT investment then give us a call. We’d love to share with you the impact our process has had on our customers’ businesses.

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